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Is a good website that explains who she is and what she does.

My site, christammiller.com, did that for about 18 months. I had started to get my short fiction published, and was trying to sell my novel. The two-sided site hinted at an equality in the two kinds of work in my life.

Last year, all that changed. And over the last six months, I began to suspect my website would have to change with it. I had paid a small amount to have a friend design it for me, but I had no idea how to get rid of the information about my novel, or change emphasis on various places where my career seemed to be headed.

I’d heard great things about WordPress themes as versatile content management systems, and I love working with the interface, so I hunted down a great free theme. A new contact, who’s a lot more versed in WP technical issues than I am, installed it for me, and I found it pretty easy to tweak (or at least to get him to fix when my tweaks went wrong)!

So here it is: http://christammiller.com. It casts a broad net, but I figure I can tweak that as business goes along and begins to fall into place. Meanwhile, it’s a great place to showcase my published work. For free and easy, what more can you ask?

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10. You get all the time with your kids that you thought you were missing out on.

9. Your wife’s happily vindictive grin when 4 p.m. rolls around and you collapse on the couch in exhaustion while the boys climb on you, shrieking, still with another three hours of energy.

8. Time to complete all the household projects you were too tired to complete on the weekends. (Provided your wife’s workload allows.)

7. No more meetings.

6. No more getting up at 4:45 a.m. This means you’re not in bed at 9 p.m. anymore, and you and your wife can do husband-and-wife things. Like…

5. You can watch all the movies and TV-to-DVD shows you’ve been missing out on.

4. Did I mention no more meetings?

3. You actually make it easier for your wife to be self-employed, because you’re not spending valuable cash on gas, coffee, or work clothes.

2. You can finally read all the books your wife has been telling you you would love.

1. You’re writing again. Fiction. Good fiction. Stuff your wife thinks will get published. If she can find the time to help you do it!

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It may seem crazy to donate money to a family I’ve never met, via an online contact I’ve never met either. But things have been crazy around here for a long time. And, well, crazier has been done, in worse ways, by much worse people.

So please read David Armano’s blog entry about his friend Daniela and her family. Their situation is what’s crazy. Donating just seemed sane by comparison.

UPDATE: They have raised more than $14,000 – nearly 300% of their original goal. I know I’m not the only one who has more faith in humanity now!

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