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I’m shamelessly stealing this from my friend and fellow Shroud writer Kevin Lucia, in part because he gave permission to do so and in part because he knows more about the following two publications than I do. But the main reason I’m posting here is that, as a dark crime/horror fiction writer of faith, I want to make sure that these two publications continue to have their chance to do what they’re trying to do. Check ’em out, and if you like what you see, please buy or do whatever else¬†you can to support them:

One topic that seems to get tossed around a lot these days is the difference between magazines that start up and eventually fold because of one reason or another, and the ones that have the staying power to stick it out and become something big. A lot of times, quality is an issue. Sometimes, quality’s not the issue, though – especially in today’s tough economic times.

Anyway, if you want the full story – read on. If not, please: visit The Relief Journal and consider lending a hand somehow – be it getting a subscription, buying an issue, donating what you can, and spreading the word. Their first ever speculative fiction anthology, Coach’s Midnight Diner, is on sale from their website for only $10. Over 200 pages of some solid speculative fiction, with a faith-twist: but written to entertain, not preach.

About The Relief Journal:


A full picture of Christ involves a juxtaposition of life and death, this moment and eternity, crucifixion and resurrection. Death and heaven and hell are only half of the picture. Many examine life only through a lens of death, as if life is only valuable as a tryout for the afterlife. Christ did speak to what would happen when we die, but he was also extraordinarily concerned with what can happen when we live. He focused often on the here and now of life, teaching that he came to give us life, and life abundantly.

The goal of The Relief Journal is to pursue a complete picture of Christ and life — real, gritty, painful, wonderful, this-side-of-heaven life. Relief seeks to bridge the gap between mainstream fiction and Christianity. Christ’s goal was never to keep us sheltered and comfortable. He did not pull his punches. The primary measuring stick for good Christian writing cannot continue to be safety. It must be skill – the ability to expose what is real, express it eloquently, punch the reader.

For authors who cry out for a venue and readers who long for stories that don’t make them gag, we present Relief.

Coach’s Midnight Diner


A hardboiled anthology of horror, mystery, and paranormal fiction, Coach’s Midnight Diner is the faith-based anthology readers have been waiting for. With full allowance for artistic freedom, Diner authors pull no punches.

Entrees of Jesus Vs. Cthulhu Fiction by Chris Mikesell, Kevin Lucia, Neil A. Riebe, and Jens Rushing highlight in the first edition of Coach’s Midnight Diner, but there’s so much more on the menu. We’ll serve up horror fiction by Editor’s Choice Award winner Robert N. Jennings, J. Mark Bertrand, Melody Graves, Nathan Knapp, and Caroline Misner.

Side orders of Crime, Mystery, and Detective Fiction by Charles Browning, Suzan Robertson, R.M. Oliver, S.J. Kessel, Michael Medina, and Mike Dellosso will have you guessing who the culprit is until the very end.

We’ll quench your thirst for Paranormal Fiction with stories from Mike Duran, Robert Garbacz, Matt Mikalatos, and Paul Luikart. And for dessert, Jennifer J. Edwards and Linda Gilmore bring stories from That One That Happens in A Diner.

Coach’s Midnight Diner will satisfy your appetite for thrills and quench your thirst for something a little deeper than your average fare.

Thanks, all.


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