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The New York Times Magazine has an article this morning about social networking, especially “ambient awareness” sites like Twitter. It’s an interesting read, and it has me wondering three things simultaneously: 1) how could I leverage this kind of contact for my business, 2) could people really be that interested in a freelance mama who specializes in public safety and horror fiction, and 3) where the hell would I find the time, anyway?

I mean, the article is full of anecdotes from people, even moms, who say it actually takes less time than they would have anticipated. But email is hard enough for me to keep up with… and I can’t help thinking that most of the people I want to stay in touch with are either very private, or with their own time issues, or both.

I know Bryon uses Twitter, and so does Poynter’s Al Tompkins. From a newsroom standpoint it makes sense. How about from a freelancer’s standpoint? Any ideas?


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