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Back at it

It’s official: I’m back writing articles again. I am thrilled and terrified. Thrilled because I missed it far more than I thought I had. But the charge I got, writing first about the Clinton campaign headquarters hostage incident and then about cellular carriers’ role in criminal investigations, made it clear that this is an aspect of my career I should not neglect.

I’m also terrified, though, because trade magazine¬†article writing is by far the most time- and labor-intensive aspect of any of my work. Editing is easy to do one sentence or paragraph at a time, in between requests for sippy cups and book-reading. Parenting articles are easy because they often involve first person, and I don’t necessarily have to track down expert sources.

And those two above articles? Well, the first involved just two sources: the police chief in Rochester, NH (someone I know from way back when I was an Explorer at that PD) and the tac team commander, who was really easy to talk to. The second article, meanwhile, was done at the request of a source I’ve worked with before. Future articles, however, will involve people I don’t know and have never talked to before. They may or may not be as patient if they hear small voices in the background, or with my fudging my schedule to avoid those small voices.

Still, the local paper estimates that next year, people in our state will pay an average $2500 MORE for home heating oil than we did this past winter. That’s just brutal, even if I hadn’t missed article writing so much. So of course I signed the four new contracts I got shortly after I turned in this last article. Because really, did I have any choice?

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