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Welcome to the world

Just about fourteen hours after my last blog post, my second son arrived on this earth. So far he’s managed to one-up his brother: Shakesperean though Hamlet’s tantrums may be, the wee one’s entrance itself was a tad more dramatic than any of us anticipated. Four hours of active labor (which, after the last week, I didn’t believe was really that active until I was already in transition) brought us to the back of an ambulance, where a team of extremely professional paramedics delivered their first baby ever. They get to put a blue stork on their rig. I get to live with him.

So far, his main activities consist of nursing and sleeping. He appears to have become used to Hamlet’s own extremely loud and incredibly close activities, because he sleeps right through them with nary a startle. We’ll just see how long that lasts. As for Hamlet, he seems to be adjusting okay to his brother’s existence. I think it helped that he got to see fire trucks and flashing lights. And that he doesn’t have to share his toys. Yet.

I’m still thinking of a “blog name” for the little critter. Meanwhile, welcome to the world, son. I hope I can make it a good place for you.

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In an effort to stop thinking about the prodromal labor I’ve experienced for the last week (preceded by pre-labor for three weeks – isn’t nature fun? And so unpredictable!), these are the things that have been floating around my mind:

My website. Nearly a year ago, Sandra designed a really nice one for me. Which I never put up. Recently I discovered that the account I was using to host it was deactivated. So now, not only do I need to re-register my domain name and put together the website, I now need low-cost hosting. Which leads me to my second issue:

Finances. When I had Hamlet, I planned on taking 12 weeks off before I returned to work. That would give me plenty of time to get into a routine, right? Wrong. He developed a milk protein allergy and a soy protein sensitivity around 6 weeks. This took us weeks to correct, then the holidays came along. By the time all was resolved, I’d had 6 months off from work, which really put a financial hurtin’ on us.

We recovered, but the whole thing has me wondering about work post-Hamlet’s little brother. I have a regular gig for one of my “anchor” trade magazines, and the editor I worked for last spring is hoping I’ll be back to work for her again soon. That leaves the client I’ve had a bit of trouble with, between late payments and the fact that freelancing can make communication – via phone or email – very difficult at times. Still, the money is good, so I need to think on that a little more. Especially if I have to pay for website hosting.

Speaking of Hamlet’s little brother, I need a “blog name” idea, but I’m too lazy to go looking in my book o’ Shakespeare for one. I had thought of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, but typing those out every time I want to talk about them? Again: lazy. Plus not particularly inspiring. I’m taking ideas, but unfortunately can’t offer a contest. You’d be making suggestions from the goodness of your heart.

Meanwhile: waiting waiting waiting!

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